Mission, Vision & Values

Rapha Health

Our Mission


We Envision...

We envision a space where actual healing can take place rather than a waiting room with other smaller waiting rooms. We envision a space where the next generation of physicians, mid-level providers, and nurses can learn how to serve God and others through the practice of conventional medicine.
OUR values

We Believe...

Health Is Multifaceted

We believe health is more than just physical, but it is first spiritual, then psychological, then physical.

In Good Medicine

We believe good medicine must take into account all the dimensions of a person's health before we can prescribe the correct intervention. 

Science Is A Gift From God

We believe science is a gift from God and as such we practice conventional medicine with God as our helmsman.

Healing Comes From God

We believe that while doctors prescribe treatments, healing ultimately comes from God.


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