Our Services

Rapha Health is a Direct Primary Care Clinic, which means that we do not accept insurance. Rather, we offer low cost healthcare memberships for unlimited access and personal care. Our goal is to reimagine healthcare in an affordable, personable way.

our model

Subscription Pricing

Children (Ages 0-20)
$35/monthSign Up
Adults (Ages 21-64)
$75/monthSign Up
Senior Citizens (Age 65+)
$100/monthSign Up

What's Included


Around the clock, direct access to our staff for urgent medical issues.

Attentive Care

Extended appointment times to allow accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

Urgent Needs

On demand support for strep tests, COVID/flu tests, stitches, splints, common illnesses.


What We Treat

Preventative Care

Access to pediatric child checks, adult cardiovascular assessment, and cancer screenings.

Urgent Care

Under the weather and in a hurry? We offer urgent care, including COVID tests, strep tests, and simple stitches.

Chronic Disease Management

Compassionate support for chronic disease, including diabetes, depression, and thyroid.


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